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Version 11 is Live!
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What's New:

  • Science abilities can shoot in more directions. This let's the Science station use their abilities more often.
  • New Scenario: Capture The Flag (2 flags)
  • New Scenario: Transport Escort (Offense vs Defense)
  • Added Scenario to Menu Hive Home World (from Open Space)
  • Playlists for scenarios
  • Main Menu Updated (more space for ship and player names)
  • Password protected ships have a P next to them in ship list.
  • Added "Lucky Shots" that do system damage.
  • Update in game and end game score display
  • Press Y (or use joystick button) to select closest target
  • Optimizations
  • Bug Fixes

  • Posted by: Carmine - 10/17/2014 5:37:21 PM

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