Your orders, Captain?

Quintet is a "crew" game where players work together to control the same space ship. There are 5 roles: Captain, Helm, Tactical, Engineering and Science.

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Quintet now (entirely) Free!

My Fellow Captains,
Quintet is now (entirely) free. I built this game years ago. At the time, I was dealing with some personal issues and I took comfort in binge watching TNG, DS9, Voyager (and even Enterprise). These shows inspired me. I wanted to make something that promoted cooperation and communication. I’ve met some amazing people through developing this game and I want to give a shoutout to Spaz and Teeth and a certain special Otter for believing in me and my game.

I built Quintet with some old versions of Unity and some third-party software. It has become impossible for me to do any sort of upgrades. Additionally, I’m starting a PhD program in Computer Science soon and I’ll be teaching programming and game development at a University. I just do not have the time like I did 6 years ago.

I’m hoping to take the lessons learned and develop a newer Quintet one day.

You’ll notice there is no more login/signup and there is only “play as guest.” This was something I had to do in order to get around some of the technical issues.

Thanks to everyone who supported me.
Enjoy and More Power to the Shields!

-Captain Carmine