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Where can I find a VIN?
Car manufacturers from different countries apply identification numbers in different places of the car.
Get a free VIN check with our service
The VIN code of the car is applied to hard-to-reach parts of the structure: integral parts of the body or chassis. However, they are often duplicated on external parts, so that information can be obtained indiscriminately by the vehicle.
To do this, specially made license plates (nameplates) are attached in different places of the vehicle.
To attach the nameplates, use:
front door frames;
the shield near the windshield;
the front part of the engine;
thermal insulation partition;
inner arch of the left wheel;
steering wheel or steering column;
the bracket supporting the radiator.
The identification number is entered in the vehicle passport, certificate and registration, warranty card, insurance policy.
Posted by: dekta - 12/16/2021 1:20:11 PM

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