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Cannot Get Lan Working
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So, likely this is my fault for being a newb. My wife is willing to play this game with me (doesn't happen often) but doesn't want to go online to do it (doesn't want to see the rest of the world....)

I am probably just not setting it up right but here goes.

1. We are both on windows 10 laptops connected to the same wireless network.
2. I have downloaded and run the Photon application on my laptop.
3. On both laptops i have switched to the lan mode, and entered the address 192.168.1.x:5055.
I have forwarded port 5055 through on the ip of the machine photon is running on just in case.
4. I have created a ship, but my wife still does not see my ship on her machine.

Any ideas why this is failing? Do I need to run the photon application on a 3rd computer (i can do that). Is it a windows 10 thing? Am I just setting this up wrong?

Thanks guys!
Posted by: ArtifexDominus - 9/30/2015 3:50:23 PM

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