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Hello Guest
V13 is up!
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Hey Everyone,
I've launched V13. Here's what's new:

Big Update
- Lobby! Get the ships loaded before the mission starts!

Small Updates
- Ship is indestructible at beginning of warp
- Solos have 2 second lock on time
- Hive Solos torpedoes now lock on
- Space Stations and Outposts have less health now. Look Out!

Player Scripting Options
- "command":"despawn" - Despawn an object
- "despawnaction" - Execute an action when something despawns
- "forward" ai behavior instructs AI to just fly forward
- "waypoint" ai behavior makes ai follow waypointlist
- "OwnerEnemy" - Spawn enemies of the current location's owner.
- Fleets can assigned to a group (to make issuing them commands easier)
- "groupdeathaction" - Called when all the enemies in a group die.
- "findbytag" - Force ships to target all stations/outposts.
- "text" - Shows a short text message.

Posted by: Carmine - 4/15/2015 2:19:54 PM

I like how the Solo has a reduced Lock-On time.
It helps distinguish a 1-player Solo vs a 1-player Duet, with a subtle change.

Very clever!
Reply by: Zizeemo - 4/21/2015 2:02:02 AM
That was my idea. :) Solos normally move so fast that they would often pass by a target before the 3 second lock-on could happen, and going slow in a Solo is near suicidal... So I proposed the reduced lock-on time as a compromise.
Reply by: Spazticus - 4/22/2015 12:32:01 AM

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