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V12 Going Live!
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This is a huge update. Lots of thanks to everyone who helped work out the bugs on Battle Nights. Here's whats' new!

What's new?

Gameplay Updates:
- New BEAM enhancement! We've affectionately dubbed it the "Donut Laser", due to its firing arc. (all around the horizontal axis of the ship.) This enhanced beam has been added to the Trio and Quintet class ships. This feature is a game changer, and combined with the change to torpedo homing, encourages ships to keep moving as they fight. Battles with these ships should be much more dynamic now, especially PVP fights.
- Captain has Hull readout on Duets
- Torpedoes lose homing after a couple seconds (easier to dodge if you're a great pilot)
- Removed blocking from Engineering screen when repairing
- Shield Focus (Science can redirect where shield is absorbing/recharging better)
- Shield Frequency Modulation moved to Science
- No delay when switching from forward/aft torpedoes.
- Reduced lock-on time for turrets.
- Higher max shield health

Built-In Scenario Updates:
- New Scenario "5 of Each"
- New Scenario "Cloakers"
- Non upgraded accounts can now join ships with upgraded accounts

Custom Player Scenario Updates
- New AI scripting option. Tell them to "WarpOut"
- "group" AI ships together then issue them a command.
- Scripting option to spawn "Enemy", "Friend" or "Owner" ships/fleets.

Other updates
- Send messages to your fleet, as the Fleet Admiral
- New Santoor (Green) ship models!
- Ship labels appear under UI
- Yellow/Red Alert sounds for Captains
- Some optimizations for mobile platforms.
- Australia Server is now available.
Posted by: Carmine - 1/27/2015 11:03:58 PM

> - Non upgraded accounts can now join ships with upgraded accounts

can these players join in Project Quintet Space?
Or just the cooperative missions?

>- Some optimizations for mobile platforms.

I currently own an iOS device. My PC and my friend with a Droid was able to DL the 12.3 version
but I have not received an update yet for the iOS quintet app yet. Is this a glitch?

>- New Santoor (Green) ship models!

Reply by: Zizeemo - 1/29/2015 12:54:00 AM
When I submit something to the Apple store it takes them 7 days to review and push the app through (everything else is instant).

For PQ, they need to have an account. (can't be a guest) but I think they should be able to join your ship.
Reply by: Carmine - 1/29/2015 12:57:55 AM
I have a PC. Do I reinstall to get the update?
Reply by: Wion - 1/29/2015 1:59:39 AM
Wion - Go to the home page and grab the latest version:
(I don't have a built in installer)
Reply by: Carmine - 1/29/2015 2:02:43 AM
The iOS version still hasn't been updated yet. Any idea when the v12 update will be released for iOS devises?
Reply by: Metajazz - 2/4/2015 11:23:18 PM
Apple takes 7 days to even look at Apps before they approve them (it's pretty frustrating). I'm hoping it's in the next couple days.
Reply by: Carmine - 2/4/2015 11:35:32 PM
Finally out on iOS :)
Reply by: Zizeemo - 2/6/2015 5:03:11 AM

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