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Version 7 is live!
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I just pushed version 7.0 live! There are 25 ships to choose from with lots of new abilities. Lots of bug fixes and suggestions from the players/forum.

Capture and Assault wars have been updated.

I also started working on joystick support for desktops (probably needs adjusting).

There's a ton of other stuff too! Enjoy!
Posted by: Carmine - 10/27/2013 5:52:10 PM

Version 7.1 is now live. It only fixes the coolest bug in video game history and removes an unfinished scenario.
Reply by: somew16 - 10/31/2013 7:02:38 PM
BOOOOOOO!!! That wasn't a bug, that was a CRITICAL FEATURE.
Reply by: McFly - 11/4/2013 4:12:12 AM

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